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Swiss TMC allows Geographically Unlimited Medical Consulting by Highly Selected and Experienced Medical Specialists

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Our Customers Benefit from Global Access to Comprehensive, Highly Professional Medical Consulting.

How to Prevent Unnessesary Surgery, Treatments and Health Care Costs?

Current medical practice indicates second opinion provides substantial value for patients, increasing the accuracy of diagnoses and preventing unnecessary procedures and treatments. Faced with important medical decisions patients no longer need to rely on a single recommendation.
Medical misdiagnoses and negative effects of unnecessary procedures are a well known problem in healthcare – ensuing significant loss of resources and inflicting harm. Hence, medical second opinion has emerged as a helpful tool in modern, market-driven medicine.
Medical second opinion relies on the expertise of an experienced physician or surgeons with sound knowledge in the respective medical field. Swiss TMC is therefore providing access to highly selected specialists for medical consulting.

Benefit from Telemedicine for Medical Second Opinion in the Comfort of Your Home

Swiss TMC, telemedicine for medical second opinion, offers online medical second opinions from the comfort of your home with no geographic limitations. Swiss TMC selects highly qualified specialists with the highest standards of academic and clinical practice performance and long-standing patient-care experience in all major specialties. Customers seeking a reliable medical consulting no longer need to take on the burden of long distance travel and waiting time. Swiss TMC will help to support your local treating physicians and surgeons, including doctor-to-doctor advice and discussion.


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Swiss TMC is not a primary or emergency care provider, for all such services please contact your treating physician or your local primary care and emergency center.



The two-person rule, implying decision making by two independent individuals, already is an established principle in major industries, preventing errors, redundancies and fraud. The same applies to medical consulting where the two-man rule is implemented under the name of “second opinion”, to enhance safety and foster evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.


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